AI Launch Lab is a non-profit organization dedicated to identifying and cultivating the core skills and competencies needed in AI while prioritizing accessibility, inclusivity, and demographic diversity.

If AI is the new electricity,
we all need access

We want to improve AI accessibility

AI Launch Lab is a nonprofit start-up company that was established in Montréal, Canada. We aim to address Québec’s AI talent gap by training talented individuals, who are highly motivated to work in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. We offer these individuals the chance to acquire the experience and the skills needed in the field through our programs: AI Research & Development programs and Innovation projects. Our programs are hosted online: to give everyone a chance to complete our curriculums. We provide real worldwide value to start-ups and established companies that are looking for those talented individuals.

What do we stand for?

Foundational principles

At AI Launch Lab, our principles aren’t just bullet points or check boxes. These are the main reasons why we do what we do, and they permeate every aspect of our organization, events, and programs. They not only matter deeply, and at times do come at a cost, but they give us a real advantage because truly accessible, diverse, open, collaborative, and ethical projects lead to better outcomes for all stakeholders.

accessibility and diversity

We have a lot to do to improve, but our prioritization of this is why our programs and events consist of more than 75% participation from underrepresented groups in tech


Open minds lead to innovative solutions. We promote the avoidance of group-think, conventional thinking, and expert mentalities


We prioritize collaboration instead of competition

ethical use of AI

Ethical AI is not only good for PR, but is increasingly a competitive advantage and value proposition


We aim to increase the AI talent base, AI adoption within the Canadian economy, and to help enable the building and scaling of homegrown AI startups.

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Our Core Team

Elham Kheradmand

AI Project Lead

Postdoctoral researcher at university of Montreal, holding a PhD in mathematics, specializing in algorithm development, machine learning, and optimization.

Kamil Legault

Machine Learning Specialist

Master’s degree in machine learning at the Université de Montréal. Previously an Applied Research Scientist Intern at Element AI.

Pravish Sainath

AI Learning Lead

Masters student in machine learning at Université de Montréal. Previously was building software for bike computers for Hammerhead, a NYC-based athletic technology startup.

Timothy Pereira

Partnerships and Funding Director

With a background in finance from Concordia University and previous startup experience, Timothy works on partnerships, business development, and content, as well as marketing and funding, in order to help AI Launch Lab increase its impact.

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