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Ecosystem challenges

Why are we focused on this?

“Washington, DC, alone is looking to hire 105,000 new employees with various AI credentials in the coming year… all the educational institutions in North America combined do not produce enough graduates to meet this single need.”

VP Global University Programs at IBM, Dr. Naguib Attia


Ineffective talent assessment and recruitment methods and tools


AI talent shortage and gap in opportunities for training in AI

Modern Skills

Education system not designed to produce industry 4.0 skillsets

Canada Lags

Canadian enterprises lag in AI adoption and 85% of AI projects fail

Social Impact of AI

AI for good and ethics and policy best practices lack strong use cases


Rates of diversity in tech and AI are disastrously low

What’s at stake?

The future competitiveness of the Canadian economy depends to a large degree on its ability to vastly increase AI adoption and the AI talent base, and to build and scale homegrown AI startups to become globally competitive.
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