An exciting opportunity for CÉGEP students to delve into the perfect fusion of AI technology and ethical considerations while making use of LLMs, (Large Language Models). Through our R&D Program, participants can engage with LLMs, such as ChatGPT, and gain a deep understanding of their capabilities, limitations, and risks, while exploring how they can be used to apply AI for practical applications. Our 8-week virtual Project-Based FALL Cohort will be held on Saturdays starting September 30, 2023.

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Fall 2023 Cohort’s Schedule and Topics


September 30

-Machine Learning 101
-Introduction to Ethics in AI


October 7

-Planning ML Projects + Project Blueprint + Case Studies
-Python Crash Course + Coding with LLM in teams


October 14

-AI for Good


October 21

-Introduction to NLP
-Introduction to Recurrence + Transformers


October 28

-Ethics in the Model Development Cycle


November 4

-Computer Vision (Convolutions) – TBC


November 11

-Working Principles of Neural Networks – TBC


November 18

-Team AI Project Presentations

*During the workshop on each Saturday, students will have an opportunity to collaborate with their teammates to work on their AI project.

* Workshops will be given in English



The programs are part-time and designed to be accessible for students and those who are working, as well as for those who are differently abled


Learn and acquire real world, state of the art skills and experience in AI through creation supported by mentorship, and push the boundaries of AI in research and development projects


Income and wealth should never be barriers to access and education, especially in a field that is as transformational and pivotal as AI. Representation and decision-making power in the AI community must reflect the broader population in order to have AI that benefits and does not reinforce and accelerate inequality of opportunity


R&D programs strongly support diversity in tech and strive to promote a more inclusive tech culture by prioritizing the empowerment of and the selection of women, LGBTQ2S individuals, visible minorities, immigrants, those of all ages, Indigenous Peoples, and disabled or differently abled individuals

Summer 2021 R&D Programs

Summer 2021 R&D Programs

Real world, state-of-the-art (and beyond) projects

From combining operations research and machine learning in order to attempt to inject emotions into AI as a step towards AGI to the intersection of virtual and augmented reality (XR) and AI in order to enable the next generation of digital experiences, our AI R&D projects are at the cutting edge of what is (and isn’t yet) possible.


Tailored learning designed for each project

We aren’t in the business of offering cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all curriculums. AI is constantly moving forward and we think the most valuable approach is in diving deeply into each new and distinct challenge and problem solving forward with a focused and relevant plan of action using the newest and most efficient tools available. Each project offered is unique, and a learning plan and timeline will be designed in order to acquire the most modern and valuable experience and skills in order for the best chance to build something truly great.

Community and passion

Beyond a program that offers the best projects and learning experiences possible, we aim to enable the creation of a strong and diverse community. In it we hope you will find connections that last a lifetime, experiences to cherish forever, and a growing passion to change the world. Learning done well can be both fun and meaningful.